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We know that the old way of accounting can be tedious.
We’ve lived it.

After joining as the first accounting and finance hire at a venture backed start-up, I was thrown into managing our first audit and building out accounting infrastructure.

And it was frustrating. Exporting trial balances. Hours of manual data entry. Scrambling to pull together everything auditors needed.

Tools on the market were either
A) powerful but took months to implement or
B) easy to implement but fell short of making real impact.

Numeric was founded to build the software that I wanted managing accounting & finance at a high-growth company.

Software with integrations deep enough that you can click into every transaction-line in your ERP, that incorporates AI to reduce manual work, and that looks and feels modern.

All of which are possible not by simply tacking on quick fixes to accounting workflows, but by taking a first-principles approach to how accounting should be done in 2024.

Founded 3 years ago and with hundreds of companies onboard, we’re laser-focused on building the future of accounting — ultimately, helping companies make better business decisions with accurate, timely financial data. And we’re starting with the month-end close.

Built by startup veterans and backed by top-tier investors

Our experienced team comes from building best-in-class data and productivity companies, including Palantir, Segment, Asana, and Blackrock.
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We are backed by Founders Fund, Long Journey Ventures, Friends & Family Capital, and the founders of Palantir, Segment, Ramp, Candid, Redesign Health, Better.com, Hearth, and many more.

Our values

Trust & Autonomy

We are a small team with big ambitions. Speed is our advantage and we maximize it by equipping everyone with the knowledge, tools, and support to make important decisions and take ownership of their work.

As a result, we get a lot more done than people expect us to.

Continuous Improvement

We care deeply about shortening the time to value for what we build and move quickly to release product and features.

How we hire reflects this value as well. A little bit of slope makes up for a lot of y-intercept.


Finance and accounting systems need a first-principled rethink. The ways in which we differentiate our product, company, and culture will be defined by our ability to challenge conventions and consistently embody a learning mindset.

All team members engage with our customers and take an active role in identifying opportunities to define solutions & improve our product.

Written Communication

We emphasize strong documentation and a scientific approach to evaluating and addressing problems. We believe a culture of writing promotes systematic thinking, creates shared institutional knowledge, and drives alignment of plans & priorities.

How We Build

February 7, 2024
Min Read

Our Engineering Tool Stack as an Early-stage Startup

In building our tech stack, where possible we've optimized for tools that keep infrastructure simple and empower individuals to solve their own problems.
Andrew Bihl
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Let Them Churn: Why we embraced month-to-month subscriptions when starting Numeric
January 11, 2024
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Let them churn: Why we embraced month-to-month subscriptions when starting Numeric

Standard practice is starting with annual subscriptions, steady and repeatable revenue. We suggest the opposite.
Parker Gilbert
Company Updates
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Cover image of blog on things to avoid building as an early stage start-up
January 10, 2024
Min Read

Things to Avoid Building as an Early Startup

Our velocity early on was driven substantially by the things we did not do. Here's what we recommend explicitly not building.
Andrew Bihl
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