Variance Analysis

Unify your entire close process with integrated analytics, to capture flux analysis procedures and to ensure data integrity.
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Analytics on auto-pilot

Build flexible analytics reports in Numeric as part of your close in order to streamline your work and have unparalleled insights into your financials.

Build customizable flux reports

Create reports and automatically run each period with assignments, due dates, thresholds, and more – all ready to go. Build your own personal views with flexible configurations.
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Set thresholds and roll forward

Set materiality thresholds, so you know exactly which accounts need explaining and when they are ready to be submitted and reviewed.
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Provide detailed explanations

Use rich text editing to provide detailed descriptions and commentary for the rest of your team.

All of the context, at your fingertips

Numeric analytics are blazingly fast and infinitely explorable with transaction-level details, so you don't need to go back to the general ledger to understand changes or identify errors.

Drill into transaction-level details

No additional clicks, pages, exports, or pivots are required. With Numeric, all the data is visible and accessible via a single screen, so it's always right where you need it.
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Quickly view trends and prior explanations

Instantly view trends and prior-period explanations, so you have all of the information required to better understand changes in your financials.
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Collaborative by design

Track workflows from start to finish, gain full visibility and a continuous overview of your team's progress, and receive live updates.

Work in real-time with your team

Get real-time notifications and chat.
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Ensure your review never holds up the close

With daily digests, everyone on your team knows if there are overdue items and what’s on deck for the day.
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See all of your close work in one place

Your analytics are unified within your close workflow, so you have one place for all of your close activities.
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Close fast & with confidence

AI-assisted. Operationally efficient. Audit ready.