Organize your close & align your team

Provide full visibility into the close with a modern project management tool purpose-built for month-end.
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Consolidate your close

Numeric is built to enable you to move as fast as possible. Streamline the month-end close with recurring workflows and automations built for speed and control.

Purpose-built for month-end activities

Track and manage your whole close from one place, including journal entries, reconciliations, flux analysis, review notes, tasks, and subtasks.
Preview of Tracking actions inside Numeric platform

to fit how you work

Choose how you want to structure your workflow, with the flexibility to manage your work by team, entity, and more.
Preview of categories being reorganized inside Numeric platform

Effortlessly roll forward

Set tasks to recur at any frequency – monthly, quarterly, annually, or on a custom cadence – so you always have the right checklist at the right time.
Preview of tasks frequency options inside Numeric platform

Notification inbox

View and resolve comments, get updates, perform reviews, and more from one dedicated place.

Capture all of the context

Use rich-text procedures, pinned links, and more to document the details, so all the information is in one place.
Preview of pinned items inside Numeric platform

Total visibility

Track workflows from start to finish, gain full visibility and a continuous overview of your team's progress, and receive live updates. Always be the first to know if issues arise.

Slice and dice progress

Custom overview pages, notifications, and more so you know where you stand and what’s on deck.
Preview of Tracking progress area inside Numeric platform

Drill into Progress

Stay up to date on the status of the close and easily identify bottlenecks and dependencies that are slowing things down.
Preview of dependencies inside Numeric platform

Instant search

Instantly find the answers to your questions using our incredibly fast search engine.
Preview of searching bar inside Numeric platform

Powerful filters & views

Zero in on what’s important to you and keep track of your work from any angle.
Preview of filtering system inside Numeric platform

Daily digest

Ensure your whole team knows what’s on deck for the day and if there are overdue items with personalized summaries.
Preview of daily tasks inside Numeric platform

Audit-ready controls

Unify, document, and execute comprehensive controls with detail, so you can efficiently implement best-in-class financial controls and be SOX-ready.

Implement efficient reviews

Manage your segregation of duties with preparer and reviewer roles built in to ensure your work is complete and reviewed.
Preview of reviewing actions inside Numeric platform

Easily resolve
outstanding issues

Quickly provide notes and collaborate on ongoing work to get to the bottom of any outstanding items.
Preview of notes from members inside Numeric platform

a full audit trail

Maintain a complete record of every activity in Numeric, so you can access every detail.
Preview of audit trail action inside Numeric platform

Lock periods to preserve the record

Restrict editing in closed periods so you have total confidence in the records.
Preview of lock periods inside Numeric platform
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Built for teamwork

Numeric is designed to enable your team to do their best work and to provide best-in-class financial controls. Work together with ease and breeze through your next financial audit.

Invite your team

Instantly find specific tasks or a set of tasks that meet your criteria, using filters and full-text search.
Preview of team members invitation inside Numeric platform

Collaborate in real time

Enjoy rich messaging and team discussions that capture every detail.
Preview of collaboration in real time inside Numeric platform

Work in Slack

Receive notifications when tasks are ready for you to review and when collaborators require your assistance. Instantly view previews of tasks mentioned in your Slack channels.
Preview of slack integration with Numeric platform

Tag and notify

Designate preparers and reviewers to ensure that compliance processes are properly followed.

Work fast, close faster

Numeric not only enables you to build out your close process but also empowers you by helping you close with greater efficiency.

Automate routine procedures

Build flexible workflows that put recurring work on autopilot.
Preview of automations inside Numeric platform

Data that is always
up to date

Blazingly fast integrations ensure that every time you view the numbers, they are good to go.
Preview of up to date items inside Numeric platform

Easily make edits

Whether making one-off changes or updating your procedures for future periods, fast in-line and bulk edits mean making changes is a breeze.
Preview of edits being made inside Numeric platform

Keyboard shortcuts

Discover a wide range of keyboard shortcuts designed to save your team time and energy.
Preview of keyboard shortcuts inside Numeric platform

Everything you need at a glance

Know at a glance what tasks need to be completed each day, and see how the whole team is progressing.
Preview of overview inside Numeric platform

Security at the core

Stay safe and secure with best-in-class security that keeps your data locked up tight.


Numeric is SOC 2 certified, providing the highest level of security and control.


Restrict permissions for users whenever required. With Numeric, you are always in control.

End-to-end encryption

Bank-level encryption provides the highest level of protection for your data.

Close fast & with confidence

AI-assisted. Operationally efficient. Audit ready.