Shave a day off your close with automated prepaid amortization

Capture prepaid expenses, apply schedules, post JE’s automatically, and handle exceptions with AI. Manage your complicated long-term or usage-based prepaids with Numeric.
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Prepaid expenses screen inside Numeric app dashboard

Capture every relevant expense

Numeric instantly flags when transactions are coded to expense accounts and are above capitalization thresholds — reclass to prepaid accounts without manually searching.

relevant expense on Numeric app
amortization schedules on numeric app

Apply amortization schedules with less data entry

Drop in a document or select existing GL transactions and Numeric will auto-fill details with AI. Instantly apply the right amortization schedule from templates.

With all documents, schedules, and actions taken in a single place, you’re prepared for an easier audit season.

Review and post journal entries automatically

Numeric posts journal entry adjustments to your general ledger each month and is directly integrated with account reconciliation.

journal entries on numeric app
AI-Copilot on numeric app

Manage disposals and changes with an AI-copilot

Add licenses to a SaaS contract? Cancel an event?

Simply write what happened and Numeric’s AI co-pilot will generate suggested accounting adjustments and journal entries for your review.

Features to manage the full complexity of your prepaids

Usage-based prepaid expenses

Accounting for an AWS subscription?
Or support contracts?

Classify an item as “usage-based” in Numeric and each month we’ll alert you proactively to update usage. Have peace of mind in your asset accuracy.

usage-based prepaid expense on numeric app
Long-term vs. short-term prepaids

Have a multi-year SaaS or insurance contract that’s paid fully upfront?

Numeric automatically scans prepaids and allocates across long-term and short-term subledgers. One less item on your to-do list each close.

long-term prepaids vs short-term prepaids on numeric app

One connected platform from record to report

Prepaid management connected directly to your reconciliation, reporting, and close workflows.

Get time back each close with automated prepaid management

Audit ready. Confidence in your financials. Faster closes.

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