Standardize and streamline account reconciliations for a faster and more accurate close.
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Numeric product screen

Tie out with ease

Connect live data from your general ledger and supporting workpapers to ensure that your financials are always correct and you are the first to know if anything changes.

Connect your existing workpapers

Easily integrate with your file storage and existing workpapers to ensure they tie out against the general ledger.
Numeric connecting with workspaces such as Microsoft Excel

Never export a trial balance again

Real-time refreshes and native integrations ensure your numbers are always up to date.
Interface with list of real-time refreshes and integrations

Always be the first to know if a balance changes

Automations and alerts ensure that unexpected changes in reconciliations are flagged so they can be proactively updated.
Numeric interface showing changes on balance

Accelerate your close

Reconciliations are deeply integrated with your close workflow, so you can easily add them to your process and manage all of your closing procedures in one place.

Build detailed workflows into your close checklist

Add reconciliations directly to your close process to track progress, procedures, and all of your close processes in one place.
Numeric interface showing workflow and checklist

Reconcile when ready

Manage and track dependencies so you can begin account reconciliations earlier in your close.
Numeric interface showing reconciliations

Always know where your recs stand

Detailed progress breakdowns ensure everyone knows what accounts still need to be tied out to finish the close.
Preview of unreconciled accounts in Numeric interfacePreview of unreconciled accounts in Numeric interface

Roll forward with ease

Simply open the next period and start working on up-to-date documents.
Numeric product screenNumeric product screen

Enhance internal controls

Maintain continuous audit readiness with built-in controls and a complete audit trail of the work performed.

Standardize processes and set thresholds

Easily build out standard processes for reconciliations and define materiality thresholds to ensure accuracy.
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Complete and detailed audit trail

Track everything in Numeric with granular audit trails that show all activity.
Numeric product screen

Close period and lock down changes

Ensure that no changes are made to reconciliations post-close.
Numeric product screenNumeric product screen

Manage segregation of duties

Reviews have never been easier. With Numeric, everyone can breeze through their close faster than ever.
Numeric product screen

Join the future of the month-end close

AI-assisted. Operationally efficient. Audit ready.