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Your AI technical accounting co-pilot has landed. Ask your ASC 606 or lease accounting questions. Get to a first draft of that 842 memo immediately.
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Supercharge your workflows

Equip your team with artificial intelligence to supercharge existing processes and unlock new insights.

Variance explanations that write themselves

Let Numeric AI write concise, nuanced first drafts of flux explanations so you can spend less time pulling numbers and more time on your analysis.

Instant answers to the questions that matter

Ask Numeric to drill through your accounting data, then let AI reveal the insights you need.

Your AI technical accounting assistant

Get help with your technical accounting using AI trained on GAAP guidances, public company filings, and more.

Generate reports with ease

Instantly configure saved searches, pivots, charts, and reports by telling Numeric what you want to see.

What do technical accountants think of our AI assistant?

Our team asked directly over a video series called “Rate that GAAP Bot” where we partnered with technical accountants at Principal Consulting Group to score the GAAP bot responses from 1-10.
Episode #1
Episode #2

Security at the core

Stay safe and secure with best-in-class security that keeps your data locked up tight.

SOC 1 & SOC 2

Numeric is SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified, providing the highest level of security and control.


Restrict permissions for users whenever required. With Numeric, you are always in control.

End-to-end encryption

Bank-level encryption provides the highest level of protection for your data.

Close fast & with confidence

AI-assisted. Operationally efficient. Audit ready.