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New Accounting Hire Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding a new member to your accounting team? We've compiled a checklist of everything you need to ensure a great first day, week, and month for your new hire.
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Congrats on the new hire! šŸŽ‰ To help get your new team member up to speed, we've compiled a fairly comprehensive list of what you need to do before their first day, during their first week, and beyond.

Want more detail on best practices for hiring? Read our full breakdown of
how to successfully onboard a new accountant to your team.

Who the New Hire Onboarding Checklist Is Built For

The New Accounting Hire Onboarding Checklist template is designed for controllers, CFOs, and other accounting managers who are responsible for onboarding new accountants to their team.

How To Use the Template

  1. Make a copy of this template.
  2. Scan the checklist in the first tab for action items required by you. Add, delete, and edit where needed for your team context. For more context on on-boarding steps, visit our full breakdown of how to successfully onboard a new accountant to your team.

What's Included in the Checklist

The checklist includes action items for manager to complete when onboarding, including:

  • Share existing artifacts to quickly provide context, including your chart of accounts (COA), core accounting policies (e.g. revenue recognition), and month-end checklist.
  • Schedule shadow sessions with team members & prepare mock scenarios with core accounting software.
  • Schedule a debrief after their first close with your team to both understand where remaining gaps are in their training & get a helpful new set of eyes on your existing processes.

This comprehensive onboarding checklist will ensure your new accounting hire is set up for success from day oneā€” preventing turnover and increasing efficiency on your team.

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