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November 27, 2023
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BlackLine Competitors: Top BlackLine Alternatives

What's the best BlackLine alternative for your team? This article ranks the six best BlackLine competitors available in the market, organized in different categories.

Daniela Andreevska
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BlackLine is one of the most popular names in the accounting software industry. While the platform offers many important tools to businesses and their accounting teams, for smaller teams or those looking for less complexity, it isn’t always the right fit.

This article ranks the six best BlackLine competitors available in the market, organized in different categories. We looked at the features, price, setup process, customer reviews, and pros and cons of multiple software platforms to select the top BlackLine alternatives.

The six best BlackLine competitors are:

  • Numeric: Best Overall BlackLine Competitor
  • FloQast: Best BlackLine Competitor for Microsoft Dynamics Integrations
  • Cube: Best BlackLine Competitor for Working in Excel
  • Adra by Trintech: Best BlackLine Competitor for a Native Workday Integration
  • NetGain: Best Suite App BlackLine Competitor
  • Workiva: Best BlackLine Competitor for Consolidating Work Within Workiva

How We Selected the Best BlackLine Competitors

In our selection of the best alternatives to BlackLine, we used a number of factors and indicators. Specifically, we focused on:

  • Comprehensiveness: We looked for all-inclusive platforms that take care of all aspects of the monthly financial close, eliminating the need for excessive manual checks, consolidation, and calculations.
  • Flexibility: We searched for cloud-based platforms that have the capacity to scale up along with teams in order to continue meeting their ever-evolving needs.
  • Ease of use: We prioritized automation solutions that don’t require complicated onboarding and don’t need sophisticated technical skills.
  • Integration and compatibility: We gave priority to accounting software that is compatible with multiple third-party platforms without requiring knowledge of APIs so that teams can easily integrate them with their existing ERPs.
  • G2 reviews: We read product reviews on G2, one of the most trusted review websites in the software industry, to see what customers think about each platform and to confirm if they actually meet the promises they make on their websites. We ranked products that enterprises are happy to switch to and excited to work with because of their modern technology, user-driven approach, and use of AI.

Based on these criteria, Numeric stands out as a leader among the best BlackLine competitors.

Importantly, many teams tend to choose BlackLine because of the sophisticated feature set, but during implementation they realize how difficult it can be to configure properly and harness its full power, especially for small teams. Thus, the most suitable alternative is a close management software that is flexible and customizable enough to address the needs of a team without being preventively cumbersome to set up and get started with.

And this balance between functional coverage and user-friendliness is exactly what makes Numeric the top choice for accountants and controllers.

User-uploaded Image

1. Numeric: Best Overall BlackLine Competitor

Numeric is the best BlackLine alternative for teams of all types and sizes.

Numeric is an AI-driven accounting software that combines flexibility with ease of use, allowing accountants and controllers to get the work associated with financial close done quickly and easily, without feeling overwhelmed. Understanding that the best software is one that your team loves using, Numeric couples all the most important tools provided by BlackLine with an additional layer of intuitive design.

Moreover, Numeric goes beyond close management basics by helping users drill one level deeper with transaction-level drill downs to efficiently identify the source of and reason for any discrepancies between subledgers and the GL.

The platform also features advanced task management functionality including dependencies as well as reporting and search tools that make it easy for teams to pull the exact data (such as spend by vendor by department) that they need, when they need it for financial reporting.

In addition, Numeric puts clients ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of AI across the platform with the generation of AI-drafted variance explanations and policy documents or technical accounting guidance, helping you draft your own customized accounting strategy.

Numeric Features

Accountants and controllers find the following features to be the most helpful:

  • End-to-end integration with cloud storage and top ERPs including Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Xero, and NetSuite
  • Alerts of changes since an account was last reconciled, highlighting the specific transaction
  • Drill downs at the transaction level for easy search and reporting directly from your ERP
  • AI-driven accounting assistance including a GAAP bot for accounting fundamentals and AI flux analysis explanations
  • Monthly progress tracking visuals and daily task summaries
  • Easy reporting with comment access to the FP&A team to avoid confusion during financial planning
  • Search function to pivot data flexibly from a company’s GL, an easier version of NetSuite’s saved searches

Numeric Costs

Numeric offers three different SaaS plans, the pricing of which depends on the available features, the general ledger, and the number of users:

  • Essentials: This is a free package allowing teams to streamline close management and improve organization. Notably, the free plan also includes Numeric’s AI technical accounting co-pilot. This makes Numeric unique as the only company providing a free offering available to teams of all sizes, including small businesses.
  • Growth: This package further improves the financial close process through ERP integrations, account reconciliation and flux analysis tools, and additional automations for accounting processes.
  • Enterprise: This plan provides access to advanced features - including flexible reporting and search - for a continuously automated close process.

Numeric Setup Process

An important advantage of Numeric’s financial close software over other BlackLine competitors is the extremely easy onboarding process which requires the following steps:

  1. Signing up for the free Essentials package
  2. Importing your existing close checklist into the platform
  3. Working hand-in-hand with the Numeric support team to integrate with your GL, connect supporting workpapers (ex. for accounts receivable/accounts payable) and set up reconciliation and flux analysis configurations associated with the paid plans
  4. Closing your first month with Numeric

Numeric Reviews

The majority of Numeric customers gave the platform 5 stars.

  • G2: 4.8/5 stars

Satisfied customers highlight the real-time visibility, the enhanced accountability, and the readily-available details. They particularly enjoy using the cutting-edge technology featuring helpful AI bots as well as the straightforward interface and tech integrations. Numeric users underline the ability of the platform to save them incredible amounts of time and effort with process automation, with many emphasizing how much can be achieved even with the free version of the product. Other favorite features include the daily progress updates and the personalized customer support.

Numeric Pros and Cons

Numeric Pros

  • Extremely easy to implement and use, even for teams with no tech knowhow
  • Users can drill down deeper into more transaction-level financial data and specific journal entries than with all other BlackLine competitors
  • Flexible to meet the exact needs of diverse companies, including intercompany accounting processes and financial consolidation

Numeric Cons

  • Not compatible with all ERP systems
  • Requires getting acquainted with a new system

How to Get Started with Numeric

The best way to get started with Numeric is to sign up for the free version with access to all essential features or to book a demo with our team to learn more about reconciliations and flux analysis.

Get started with Numeric, a BlackLine alternative, for free

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2. FloQast: Best BlackLine Competitor for Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

FloQast is another BlackLine competitor for teams that need assistance with close management. Our review shows that it’s a particularly good choice for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics and or other vertical-specific ERPs in need of accounting and finance automation.

FloQast Features

FloQast provides access to:

  • Integration with a top ERPs (Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, NetSuite, SAP, etc.), all Microsoft solutions, and other collaboration, cloud storage, and workflow platforms
  • Basic task management for the monthly close
  • Automated emails during the monthly close
  • Tracking progress by area
  • Notifications

FloQast Costs

The FloQast website does not provide information on the pricing structure. Third-party websites quote prices starting at $125/user/month when billed annually.

FloQast Setup Process

The onboarding process begins with a demo and choosing the right plan. The FloQast team supports companies during the setup process through consultation and personalized service. The goal is for teams to switch to the platform within a month.

FloQast Reviews

Most customers evaluated FloQast with 4 or 5 stars.

  • G2: 4.7/5 stars

Positive reviews focus on the consistent close and reconciliation processes, the interface, the efficiency and accuracy, and the good customer partnership. Negative reviews mention limited integration with other apps, lack of global controls, lack of balance verification features, and expensive pricing.

FloQast Pros and Cons

FloQast Pros

  • Availability of all the close management basics to help teams stay organized
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics and a variety of ERPs

FloQast Cons

  • Limited ability to search and report within the GL
  • No transaction-level drill downs
  • Limited access for finance team members to the information they need

How to Get Started with FloQast

To get started with FloQast, you need to schedule a demo. There is no way to start a free trial or sign up on your own.

3. Cube: Best BlackLine Competitor for Working in Excel

Number three on our list of the best BlackLine competitors is Cube. This platform is a particularly good fit for companies that want to continue working with Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets as well as for enterprises where the accounting team owns the forecasting process.

Cube Features

The most important features of the Core accounting platform include:

  • Integration with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, top GLs, HR apps, CRMs, operations tools, and business intelligence platforms
  • Data centralization including filtering and visualization
  • Deep, on-the-fly calculations
  • Planning and modeling
  • Static report building and sharing

Cube Costs

Customers can choose from three different Cube plans:

  • Essentials: This package is best for lean financial teams looking to improve speed, accuracy, and liability. The pricing starts at $1,250/month.
  • Premium: This plan is best for companies looking to scale reporting, planning, and performance. The pricing starts at $2,450/month.
  • Enterprise: This is the best fit for pre-IPOs and public companies looking to achieve best-in-class performance. The pricing is custom.

There is no free version of Cube, and prices seem rather high compared to other top BlackLine alternatives.

Cube Setup Process

The onboarding process for Cube includes the following steps:

  1. Schedule a demo and choose the right plan for your team needs
  2. Download the Cube spreadsheet add-on
  3. Invite team users
  4. Start mapping your data

Cube Reviews

Most online reviews of Cube are 4 and 5 stars.

  • G2: 4.5/5 stars

In terms of positives, customers highlight the ability to continue working with the familiar Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets, the implementation and use processes, the mostly logical platform, and the knowledgeable and helpful technical advisors. Existing customers would like to see further developments in the areas of a robust headcount planning feature, building models in Excel, limited number of dimensions, and loading and fetching data speed.

Cube Pros and Cons

Cube Pros

  • Ability to stay in Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets, benefiting teams that are already familiar and comfortable with this structure
  • Ability to manage some FP&A workflows in addition to financial close management

Cube Cons

  • Limitations associated with using spreadsheets, such as harder implementation of advanced workflows like automated emails, dependencies on tasks, email digests, native integrations, and others
  • Not a good match for teams that prefer a one-stop-shop for close management rather than staying in third-party spreadsheets

How to Get Started with Cube

To get started with Cube, you need to schedule a demo.

4. Adra by Trintech: Best BlackLine Competitor for a Native Workday Integration

Adra by Trintech is yet another alternative to BlackLine. What makes this close management tool stand out from the competition is the integration with Workday, which is not something that all close management tools offer. This makes Arda by Trintech a good fit for companies that are prioritizing integration with Workday.

Adra by Trintech Features

The main features of this financial platform include:

  • Integration with multiple financial systems (NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Planful, etc.)
  • Multi-way transaction management
  • Balance sheet reconciliations
  • Financial close task management
  • Real-time insights and analytics

Adra by Trintech Costs

The website of Adra by Trintech does not provide pricing information, and there are no quoted prices on third-party sources.

Adra by Trintech Setup Process

The onboarding process includes a detailed introduction by the Adra by Trintech customer success team. However, the company website does not specify the exact steps that are required to set up the platform.

Adra by Trintech Reviews

Most existing customers wrote 4 and 5 star reviews of Arda by Trintech.

  • G2: 4.4/5 stars

Customers are mostly happy with the detailed introduction during onboarding, the logical menus and choices, the smooth work processes, the possibility to always add more data and information, the helpful notifications, and the efficient and quick customer support team. Meanwhile, customers identify certain inefficiencies which include the need to make your own lists and summaries as attachments to lists, difficulties in implementing new accounts, and slow imports and search functionality.

Adra by Trintech Pros and Cons

Adra by Trintech Pros

  • Seamless integration with leading ERPs and GLs
  • Partnerships with many top accounting firms including PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, BDO, and others

Adra by Trintech Cons

  • Less user-friendly design compared to other BlackLine competitors
  • Primary focus on large-scale enterprises, so mid-size companies might find the product to be more complicated than necessary

How to Get Started with Adra by Trintech

To get started with Adra by Trintech, you need to book a demo.

5. NetGain: Best Suite App BlackLine Competitor

Next, NetGain is a popular alternative to BlackLine which features all the must-have tools and capabilities. Notably, NetGain is a Suite App, and close management is embedded within NetSuite.

NetGain Features

Following are the most important features of the NetGain accounting platform:

  • Integration with top GLs and workpapers
  • Native ERP efficiencies
  • Auto-assignment of recurring tasks
  • Customizable close
  • Key controls tracking
  • Lease reporting

NetGain Costs

NetGain does not specify the available packages and pricing plans on the company website, and there is no reliable information about this on third-party websites.

NetGain Setup Process

The first step is contacting the NetGain sales team and choosing the right plan. There is no further information on what the onboarding process looks like.

NetGain Reviews

Most customers left positive online reviews of the NetGain platform.

  • G2: 4.8/5 stars

Happy customers focus on the implementation, the ability to drag and drop reconciliation spreadsheets into the product, and the progress tracking feature. Less satisfied customers mention the non-intuitive process of setting up tasks and the inability to run amortizations more than once a month.

NetGain Pros and Cons

NetGain Pros

  • Easy access to other products within NetSuite, including tools for lease accounting
  • Seamless integration within NetSuite

NetGain Cons

  • Higher budget needed than with other alternatives to BlackLine
  • More challenging implementation and configuration compared to other options (based on customer feedback)

How to Get Started with NetGain

To get started, you can email or call the NetGain.

6. Workiva: Best BlackLine Competitor for Consolidating Work Within Workiva

Last on our list of the top BlackLine alternatives is Workiva, a platform consolidating a range of finance and accounting tools (ex. for cash-flow or regulatory reporting and SEC filings), into a single platform. This is the best fit for companies that are already using Workiva for reporting and are looking for ways to integrate their close management within the existing system.

Workiva Features

Among the main features available on Workiva are:

  • Integration with multiple products including file storage, systems of record, performance management, finance and accounting, and BI and reporting
  • Risk management solutions
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Automated reporting of different types

Workiva Costs

Workiva does not provide information about the available plans and the corresponding pricing, so we cannot compare Workiva prices to other BlackLine competitors.

Workiva Setup Process

The exact steps and the complexity of the onboarding process depend on the size of your business and the tools and functionalities that you plan to use. Existing customers mention that the Workiva support documentation is hard to understand and not very useful.

Workiva Reviews

Most customers are satisfied with their experiences with Workiva, according to their online reviews.

  • G2: 4.6/5 stars

Workiva customers enjoy the adaptive technology, the customizable solutions, the data import and linking processes, the minimal latency rate, and the regular updates to customers. What customers do not like about the platform includes the clunky processing of files, the lack of adequate assistance with ERP/GL system integrations, the insufficient flowcharting capabilities, and the need to use multiple workspaces.

Workiva Pros and Cons

Workiva Pros

  • Integration with other Workiva tools
  • Strong support system for enterprise clients

Workiva Cons

  • Challenging implementation
  • Limited automations

How to Get Started with Workiva

To get started with Workiva, interested enterprises need to request a demo.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right BlackLine Alternative

These are the six best BlackLine competitors, each with its own respective pros and cons.

For accountants looking for close management software that is powerful, but not overpowering, Numeric is the top BlackLine alternative. Numeric couples all functions and options needed by accountants and controllers for smooth financial close processes, delivered via an easy-to-use interface and AI-empowerment. FloQast is a good option for companies using Microsoft Dynamics, and Cube could work out for teams that prefer to stay in Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets. Enterprises that enjoy using NetSuite Apps could check out NetGain, and those that would like to consolidate different work tasks within the Workiva system can give Workiva close management a try.

While this round-up compiles a shortlist of alternatives, ultimately, selecting the best software for your team typically requires a combination of research and first-hand demos of several platforms.  

Start streamlining your financial close with Numeric’s free close management tool here.

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